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from BC Studio's 35th Anniversary
Recording of the Century

This one-time event gathered together a crowd of NYC musical icons
to play and pay homage to the man & the space
that helped create and inspire some of NYC's best music.
Spanning the 35 year history of BC Studio
musical luminaries in attendance included:

  • reunions & live jams from members of Live Skull, Cop Shoot Cop, & Alice Donut
  • Bob Bert (Lydia Lunch, Sonic Youth)
  • J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus) & Dana Schechter (Insect Ark)
  • Sxip Shirey
  • alternate sets from White Hills and Barbez
  • Andy Hawkins (Blind Idiot God)
  • Tidal Channel
  • Cinema Cinema
  • Mega Tormenta
  • Brian Viglione (Violent Femmes, Dresden Dolls)
  • Algis Kizys (Swans)

    'Sound and Chaos: the Story of BC Studio'

    article at Boston Survival Guide
    view the latest trailer

    view trailer 1

    Tour interviews and performances:

    Berlin radio appearance
    interview + live performance (at 8:42: solo/medley of 2 songs from new album)



    Chapel Hill

    Ex Nihilo now available on La Société Expéditionnaire

    Here's a writeup about Martin's recording studio getting sonically "mapped",
    and the process where "impulse responses" were taken to gather data on the acoustic properties.
    Now a plugin can simulate the ambience of his main recording room.

    Another example of music and social activism working hand-in-hand:
    please enjoy the following video made in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.
    The song is written by Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio) and members of Notekiller and Liturgy.
    Look out for cameos by Martin (2:23) and the UC at Davis "pepper-sprayed" students (2:01)

    Download Martin Bisi's songs
    from the new album Ex Nihilo (promotionally available)
    the Mermaid Queen
    Suffer the Moon
    and Fine Line

    Read AltSounds review of 'Son of a Gun'

    with Brian Viglione

    view European Tour pictures
    hear Martin's interview with Phil Thompson
    read a 10 question Q&A

    Read reviews of Martin Bisi's two New Years shows
    with Larkin Grimm and HUMANWINE
    from the awesome Brooklyn Vegan blog
    here (Knitting Factory) and here (Mercury Lounge)

    BC Studios recently reached its 30th anniversary.
    Check out Martin's blog at Blurt Magazine
    as he reflects on a bygone era:
    "Through my dark colored glasses - the tarnished golden era of independent recording"

    Wall spy blurry

    Watch the video for "Drink Your Wine" here

    Drink Yr Wine

    or watch Martin as he takes down
    the covers of some of the most memorable albums
    he's recorded at BC Studio:

    part 1<>part 2<>part 3<>part 4<>part 5

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