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'Ex Nihilo'
the latest album from Martin Bisi
cover: Lauren Beck

' 'Ex Nihilo' is available
online at La Société Expéditionnaire or
get the vinyl version at Labelship

cover photo: Sarah Small

buy the 'Sirens of the Apocalypse'
full length album online at iTunes
or the cd (includes 20 page booklet) at Labelship

'Son of a Gun'
the digital EP from Martin Bisi
cover: Alexandra Sarkozy

buy ' Son of a Gun' online at iTunes

see the "Drink Your Wine" video from the 'Son of a Gun' EP here or hear Martin's latest interview

Tour Dates

Tuesday, March 24

the Rock Shop

with Wharton Tiers Ensemble
and Tenterhooks

Friday, April 24

Kung Fu Necktie

with Hiram Maxim (Aqualamb records)

Sunday, April 26

Union Pool

with Hiram Maxim (Aqualamb records)
Black Black Black (Aqualamb records)
and Morn

Thursday, June 25

The Lincoln Center
performance + screening of documentary
on Martin Bisi's Recording studio

Sunday, October 11

Wounded Galaxies Festival
screening of documentary
on Martin Bisi's Recording studio

BC Studio downstairs, tracking space 2

the legendary BC Studio recording spaces

BC Studio downstairs, tracking space 1

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