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'Ex Nihilo'
the latest album from Martin Bisi
cover: Lauren Beck

' 'Ex Nihilo' is available
online at La Société Expéditionnaire or
get the vinyl version at Labelship

'Son of a Gun'
the digital EP from Martin Bisi
cover: Alexandra Sarkozy

buy ' Son of a Gun' online at iTunes

Tour Dates

Saturday, August 16
the Grand Victory
Martin Bisi performs
at the Cinema Cinema record release show
for the Bisi-produced
A Night at the Fights
order tickets here

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Sunday, November 2
screening of the Sound and Chaos documentary

see the "Drink Your Wine" video from the 'Son of a Gun' EP here or hear Martin's latest interview

cover photo: Sarah Small
buy the 'Sirens of the Apocalypse' full length album online at iTunes

or the cd (includes 20 page booklet) at
Contraphonic Records

BC Studio downstairs, tracking space 2

the legendary BC Studio recording spaces

BC Studio downstairs, tracking space 1

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